Flashback Friday

Recognize this guy? Check out the mid-90s Sydney Hip-Hop documentary below.



Film featuring Matthew “Mistery” Peet

Friends (and let’s be honest, true fans) of Mistery, Matt “Meak” Lock and Josephine Dayco are currently putting together a film documenting the works of one of Australia’s most iconic graffiti writers: the man, the enigma himself, Matthew “Mistery” Peet.

“When you see talent, there’s no denying it,” says Meak. “For me, coming up in the graff scene, I just knew looking at his stuff that he was one of the best.”

The film invites people to take sneak peek into the life and times of Mistery while also showcasing his work.

“Having a guy like him represent Australia is something worth capturing and sharing with the world,” says Josephine.

This film is currently in production.